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  • Commercial CNC Machining

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Design Engineering Consulting

Six Elements Machining turns vision into reality...taking proactive measurements every step of the way. Read More

Multi-Stage Process Management

Six Elements Machining ensures quality control, quick turnaround, and cost-efficiency. Read More

Hard & Exotic Metals Expertise

Six Elements Machining utilizes its expertise to transform hard and exotic metals... Read More

Custom Turnkey Solutions

Six Elements Machining... turnkey custom-machined component parts & prototype machining. Read More
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Six Elements Machining


CNC Machining For Architects & Engineers

Six Elements Machining, brings the innovative visions of architects and engineers to fruition through unparalleled machining and collaboration.

For over 15 years, Six Elements Machining has put its talents and expertise in design engineering and machining to use. We are a premiere CNC machine shop dedicated to manufacturing high-quality architectural fixtures and industrial hardware components for a variety of applications.  

We specialize in turning and milling steel and exotic metals, product and design engineering consulting, custom-machined turnkey solutions, volume and prototype machining.

Delivering Strategic and Managerial Advantages.

Visionaries like you conceive incredible designs and ideas, but you need reliable resources to bring those visions to reality. That is where we come into play. We are visionaries too, and our core competencies lie in managing ERP software technologies and multistage processing solutions.

Six Elements Machining employs expert managerial skill sets and technological “know-how” that ensures quick-turnaround, quality control and cost-efficiency.

Collaborating with Design Engineers and Architects.

Commercial construction and renovation companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, brand name and corporate establishments all rely on our performance-driven approach to CNC machining and manufacturing. Six Elements Machining is proactive in helping architects, design engineers, and commercial remodeling/renovation contractors turnout quality finished products born from your imagination.

  • Design Engineering Consulting +

    Six Elements Machining is a about turning vision into reality. We take proactive measurements...
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  • Multi-Stage Process Management +

    Six Elements Machining ensures architects and engineers quality control and cost-efficiency.
    read more
  • Hard & Exotic Metals Expertise +

    Six Elements Machining has been putting its talents and technology to use, machining hard and...
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  • Custom-Machined Turnkey Solutions +

    Six Elements Machining completes your project needs as a single resource for turnkey custom-machined...
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Industry News & Updates

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