Six Elements Machining acts as a singular resource for turnkey custom-machined component parts and prototype machining.

Six Elements Machining is a full-service operation that stands out amongst the competition thanks to our machining technology and customizing turnkey solutions. No one is more comprehensive than we are.

Our part of the job is not complete unless the product is turnkey. To us, that means timeliness and meeting all your non-machining product needs. To make that happen, our team includes an internal network of neighboring non-machine shops.

These relations allows us to offer you unique product customization, including heat treating, anodizing, grinding, powder coating, plating, and custom assembling services.

This means that we deliver to you a finished, custom-assemble product, boxed and ready for shipping. The only step you should have left when you receive your product should be installation.

Machine Shop Concord
Client Martin Building Company - San Francisco, CA.
Project Assignment Multi-purpose, contemporary curtain/shower rod fixtures for the Potrero Project developed by the Martin Building Company in San Francisco.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Provided both design and industrial engineering input. Collaborated on conceptualization of all parts and manufacturing components. Responsible for initiating AutoCAD drawings, design fluidity, and overseeing manufacturing processes.
Mazak Machine(s)
QTN250 MSY and VMC510C
Software Technologies Exact, JobBoss and SolidWorks
Material(s) Used
23,000 linear feet of brushed stainless steel 1” tubing. 1 1/16, 3/4 and 2” solid rodding. Included all prep work.
Parts & Specifications
Quantity: 1800 units. Overall Dimensions: Ranging from 2 ft to 8 ft in length. Tolerances: Standard +-.005. Finish:63ST.
 Custom Assembly All units custom assembled, packaged and boxed-ready for shipment per architectural configuration and rendition. All units palleted to meet design variables, delivering an average of 10 units per floor.
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