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Working with Six Elements Machining

Stay current with Six Element Machining on design trends, machining tips and technologies.

Six Elements Machining turns vision into reality. We take proactive measurements every step of the way to ensure quality product turnout.

You are a visionary and have the ability to conceive incredible designs and ideas, but without reliable resources, it can be incredibly difficult to turn these visions into reality. We are here to be the resource you need.

Six Elements Machining works with you not only as a machining organization, but as design engineering consultants as well, here to help you flush out your ideas further.  

We are proactive in helping turnout quality products every step of the way. From the conceptual ideation and design schemes to multi-stage process management and implementation, we always keep cost-efficiency, design fluidity, and versatility in mind.

So whether you provide us with CAD drawings, pencil sketches, or simply an idea, we have design engineering and machining expertise to collaborate with engineers and architects like you and bring to reality fixtures and hardware components born of your imagination.

Machine Shop Concord
Client MharComm Technologies
Project Assignment Custom swivel mounting bracket with arm w/coupler. Designed for flat screen monitors used in various hospital rooms (OR, ER, etc).
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Provided both design and industrial engineering input. Collaborated on conceptualization of all parts and manufacturing components. Responsible for initiating AutoCAD drawings, design fluidity, and overseeing manufacturing processes. Initiated design revisions to client-proposed product specifications and use of materials making it more cost-efficient to manufacture and ship.

Mazak Machine(s)
Software Technologies Exact, JobBoss and SolidWorks
Material(s) Used
2” Dia 6061 solid aluminum. 1.5” scheduled forty 6061 pipe
Parts & Specifications
Quantity: Sold in lots of 100. Overall Dimensions: 2" x 16” assembled. Tolerances: Standard +-.005.
 Custom Assembly All units assembled, packaged and boxed-ready for shipment.
 Other Finish:Black powder coating (severed metal).
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    Six Elements Machining is a about turning vision into reality. We take proactive measurements...
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