Six Elements Machining utilizes its machining expertise to transform hard and exotic metals that many competitors cannot.

Six Elements Machining takes a performance-driven approach to all our processes, and hard and exotic metal machining is no exception.

We pride ourselves on our expertise to machine hard and exotic metals, such as titanium, nitronic, iron, copper, bronze, brass, and other hard metal alloys.

To ensure our use of these metals is kept at its peak, we review intricate design specifications and determine the cutting parameters to optimize machining and turning options.

We also utilize equipment that allows us to customize various manufacturing processes. These include precision CNC-based, Mazak milling and live tooling turning centers, complimented by multi-tasking, 5-axis, turning, vertical, and horizontal machining. We also have unique software and control consoles that take us into the precision CNC machining realm that further exceeds the competition.

Machine Shop Concord
Client EB Sources
Project Assignment Client specified: Made to order.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Responsible for programming drawings, converting AutoCad and overseeing manufacturing processes. Provided 3-Axis and 3D Machining services.
Mazak Machine(s)
Mazak 510C
Software Technologies EZ Cam, Feature Cam, JobBoss and Solidworks
Material(s) Used
101 Oxygen Free Copper
Parts & Specifications
Quantity: Sold in lots of 25. Overall Dimensions: 6” Diameter. Tolerances: Standard +-.005.
 Custom Assembly Pallet ready.
 Other ---