Design WorldThe live webinar will be May 12 at 2 PM Eastern. 

This webinar gives an overview of many new industrial applications enabled by award-winning DLP ® technology across industrial and factory automation applications. DLP technology is a high-value TI content in a given system and has strong pull-through impact for rest of the electronics – analog and embedded processors.

DLP fundamentally is an advanced MEMS devices providing spatial light modulation and enables many new exciting applications. 3D scanning, 3D machine vision, robotic vision, and other optical sensors are some of the popular use cases in industrial and factory automation. The structured light technique for 3D sensing uses highly differentiated DLP technology that allows projection of custom and adaptable patterns onto the target object to capture physical measurements, analyze location, or inspect a surface. DLP based spectroscopy is an innovative solution for characterizing and recognizing different materials used in several industries such as Food, Agriculture, Plastics, Petrchemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical applications.

This webinar also covers comprehensive TIDesigns that include complete hardware and software enable customers use complete TI technology – DLP chipsets complemented by extensive analog (power, led drivers, signal chain and others) and embedded processors.

Attend this webinar to learn:
·How to sell TI solutions in Industrial and factory automation
· Machine vision solutions used in industrial automation and robotic vision
·DLP based spectroscopy Food, Agriculture, Plastics, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical applications

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